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Sophina Khan

My name is Sophina Khan and I am the founder of S2T.

As a young person I experienced events in my life that led to limiting behaviors, and lack of self-regard.

I came across many other young people such as myself. For me, this has given me a unique perspective on the world, and a unique sense of survival.

It was my journey within the care system that has led me to create Survive2Thrive. 

 Having understood my way to survive, the journey to elevate from this and thrive is a value I hold dear.


Education was of interest to me, however, my life was too chaotic to focus,  relinquishing my power to achieve.

 Even though my hopes were to always do just that (achieve) my actions spoke differently.

Statistically, it was expected that I would fail, I was a young person who was expelled from school and didn't achieve many GCSE grades. 

Survive2Thrive  has been purely created for young people who have found themselves on a similar educational path as I, myself once was. 

 So much is expected and so much is possible, I believe that the reason I didn't become a statistic, was due to certain role models throughout my own journey. 

It inspired me to become a youth work practitioner and deliver informal education.  

 Becoming a youth work practitioner provided an instrument to articulate my vision for S2T and its young people.

My Professional Background

Birmingham City Council 


The Maypole youth center is a current client of ours, we are currently working with the center to support current programs and introduce a more targeted approach to the youth work within this area, status is ongoing.


Newman University

A graduate of Newman University (1st class degree with Honours)

Guest Lecturer

lectured on critical reflection, management, and leadership.

Member of the Viva Panel

As a youth work practitioner, it has been a pleasure of mine to be part of Newman university' Viva Panel. students are asked to present their final project and as a panel member it is my job to assess, grade and critically engage the student, to achieve the most effective and authentic way to deliver youth work.


Bournville Village Trust 

Project Worker

Supported Housing – The Holdings

Experience of 1-2-1 work with young people

Experience of working with small groups

Working unsupervised and in accordance with prescribed practices and procedures. Providing person-centered services and developing/monitoring support plans

Work with young people in or leaving care. Keeping accurate records Working with external agencies. Experience of organising and staffing trips and activities

Problem-solving skills Evidence of providing advice and guidance Basic culinary knowledge (how to prepare and sustain a balanced, nutritious diet) Budgetary skills

Good organisational skills & ability to prioritise workload

Good knowledge of current issues affecting young people leaving care

Experience of CSE issues


Young peoples’ services Birmingham (ypsb)

Key Worker

Young people services Birmingham is a service provider for 16-18 year-olds. ypsb provide supported living for an array of young people including those leaving care, but in particular, young people who are homeless and are classed as Not in education employment or training (N. E. E. T. S).

They also deal with individuals across the city, that have been known to west midlands police watch list as most vulnerable to sexual exploitation and violence.

I had the opportunity to work with an array of young people in either a 1-2 –1 capacity or within a group.

I supported young people who are/have been subjected to CSE, were recent care leavers and/or in need of support into independence.

I was instructed to design and monitor the young person support plan. Through active engagement with the young person, I was then able to reflexively analyse what would best fit their needs, how to best facilitate self- reflection and how best to achieve this.


Birmingham Children’s Hospital (BCH) and Park View Clinic

Youth worker

Whilst situated within Birmingham’s Children’s Hospital, I was responsible for children of ill health in particular cancer, sickle cell, and mental health. I was responsible for their well being and helping them to emotionally cope with their circumstances through dialogue, expressive art, gaming and residential activities.

During my time at BCH my role and responsibilities included:

An ability to become an effect/reflective youth work practitioner.

Bedside activities (games conversation, active listening)

Group work in play center (depending on the health and mood of young person)

Facilitation of peer engagement, acceptance of circumstance.


Independence from a condition.

Exploration of identity as a person with health issues.

Empowerment through circumstance.

Spirituality dialogue surrounding their mortality including their thoughts feelings and emotions.

Leading and facilitating workshops that promote young person lead events.

Park View Clinic is a mental health facility for young people, the young people that resided at Park View had an array of mental health issues such as:


Personality disorders





Citizens UK

One of my recent achievements is with a community organisation called 'Citizens UK

Citizens UK organises communities to act together for power, social justice and the common good.

Alongside Citizens U.K, I campaigned to change the availability of the mental health service for young people.

I gave my personal account on the importance of mental health to over 700 community and faith leaders. 

By doing so, Citizens U.K and I were able to achieve a more fluid age structure to the mental health services in Birmingham.

Due to our actions forward thinking was introduced.

For my actions, I was awarded the Action of the year (in mental health services) for my leadership in the accountability assembly in May 2014.