I sit back and contemplate my philosophy.

Am I as normal as normal can be?

What does my body say about me?

When I was young I could be me, wild and free.

Not busy scanning my body, wondering if you desire me!

so much comparison, no one wants to be me

Not with this body…..

Then she came and said to me;

“Am I as normal as normal can be?”

‘OMG, am I speaking out loud, did she hear me?….’

I’m so confused by the way.

so I turn to her and say.

‘But you’re the body type we all want one day.’

You look in shock and ask, really? no way!?

I murmur to myself with a confused glare, ‘is this girl for real with her perfect pair?’

I do declare, you’re as normal as normal can be, society craves your photoshop body.

she turned around and looked at me…

She said, “Hunny, you may think you want to look like me.

but trust me, I don’t see what you see.

I see me and all my imperfections to the tee.

why don’t you see?

NOW am I as normal as normal can be?

I wish I could be you with your petite feet, your curly hair like a Maine in this heat

All pretty and all neat.”

We both smile as both females, truly meet and greet.

before she left, I asked again – ‘So what is normal as normal can be?

she laughed and said, – “you’re asking me?”

I’m just being as normal as I need to be.