Bespoke Packages

Our services derive from a range of resources and can not be described as a one size fits all. Depending on the need for your establishment and the young people you cater to, will depend on the package that will be designed and built.

*Please note; All workshops can be made age appropriate. All staff are Enhanced DBS checked.

Informal skills for Formal education

This package would be for teachers on inset days. Teachers need downtime to recharge and focus on their teaching.  

Survive2Thrive will provide teachers with tools to not become overwhelmed and ultimately run the risk of losing engagement with students.

The objective is to give teachers a day of learning, whilst keeping it fun, interactive and impactful to their teaching style.

Types of Workshops Available.

Topics include;

Achievable goals 

Workshop promoting confidence to achieve goals personally, professionally and educationally, exploring ways in which students can manage their own time, goals and aspirations.

What's the plan?

Will explore the future of their studies and how best to apply their professional practice.

Sex Education

Working alongside umbrella, S2T provide sex education, contraception and STI tests,

 with signposting available.

Anti Social Behaviour (ASB) 

What it is and how this relates to young people within their community.

Online Safety 

A workshop highlighting the dangers of the internet and how to keep safe.

Healthy Relationships

(self and others) 

 Workshops surrounding how to recognise healthy relationships, using examples such as D.V (domestic violence) 

How to spot the signs, how to get support.

Drug and alcohol misuse

Providing young people with all relevant information on the dangers of drug and alcohol misuse.


 Workshop includes concepts such as;

Spiritual development

Mental/Emotional well being

 (promoting well being, dispelling the stigma)


discussing with young people the consequence of subjects such as crime, ASB, online abuse and many more.

C.S.E - (Child Sexual Exploitation)

How to spot the grooming process, keeping themselves and others safe and who can help. 

What our clients have said...

Survive2Thrive is a unique entity that allows young people to question and challenge without threat. They have an innate ability to understand why conflict resolution, accountability and reflective practice are important to be addressed. 

I have also managed to take away new skills and innovative ways to approach young people to keep them engaged... inspiring work!

Ms Mngaza - Educational Psychologist