Surviving Post Lockdown:
Adapting to a New World of Relationships.

Matt Jones the founder of Loop an innovative dating app, sits down with survive2thrive about life and the relationships we encounter. Matt also speaks of adversity and the benefits of surviving to thrive.

Are you ready for better relationships? Are you better in relationships for someone else? During times of quarantine, how are we surviving our platonic, relational and romantic relationships? What about the relationship with self, are we able to do more to enhance our experiences, what does it take to survive2Thrive?

The hope is that this video will activate you to ask the same questions of; your relationship with yourself and others, past present and future. Furthermore, letsloop is a tool for healthy [romantic] relationships. If you are looking to thrive in your romantic relationships as well as survive the relationship with yourself, go check out the Meyers Briggs personality test that Matt mentions in the video.

Since we have time to reflect on our new world, how will your relationships look and feel after lockdown?